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Students in Search of Jobs

Students deciding if they are ready to start working a job can be a difficult thing. Here is some information about what it may be like for students in the workplace.

Are you a student in search of a job or a way to earn extra money? Some of the Weir High students and staff may be able to guide you in a positive direction to inspire you as they share their experiences with jobs as teenagers. 

As students enter high school, usually around 14 or 15 and finishing around 17 or 18, they can find a place to work for any reason they want or need. Underage students from 14 to 17 can find many different types of jobs. 

Katelyn Berdine, a senior who is 17 said, “I’ve heard people work at my age at Walmart, Wendy’s, mostly fast-food places.” 

Around the age of 16, students can work at Walmart and most fast-food places. These might include Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, and other chain restaurants.  

James Truax, an English teacher, said, “I know many different places willing to hire high school students. Retail, fast food, assistant jobs, and paid internships are among those options.” 

High school students can find retail jobs at places like Costco, Sam’s Club, Kroger, and others. Students can also become assistants for several types of offices and workplaces. 

When a student is in high school, they need a job in an environment that is good for them. If a student is going to work, they need to also have time to study and focus on schoolwork. It is also important that these students get time to relax and do things they enjoy.  

Emma Nichols, a sophomore who is 15 said, “I look for a clean environment with friendly people to work with. I usually like to know at least one person at my job in case I have any questions.” 

As a student, some like to work in an environment that has people they are familiar with. When just starting to work, students may have a lot of questions and things they do not know how to do that they may want the help from someone they can be comfortable with. If not, it is especially important the people around them are kind and understanding. 

When asked how the environment should be in a workplace for a student, Megan Heupp, a math teacher, said, “Safe, flexible, bosses understand they are a student first and need time to do their schoolwork.” 

Students in the workplace need a flexible schedule so they can still manage their time. Students must also focus on schoolwork and social skills outside of work. Flexible schedules and time management from the student are important for the student’s mental health while balancing a job, schoolwork, and other interests. 

Jason Bennett, a science teacher, said, “I would say 20 hours is a good amount to work. You should still be able to enjoy your high school experiences and put studies first.” Mr. Bennett also gives the advice, “Get as much experience as you can. Try to keep a job and not change jobs a lot. Employers look at how long you stay in a job.” 

It is important that students who have a job not only also have time to study, but to fulfill their high school experiences and interests.  

Gabrielle Noel, a junior who is 16, said, “I would recommend a job for a couple hours a day, a couple days a week, depending on your schedule.” 

Students are still kids. They are still learning to balance their schedules, develop a work ethic, and become more mature. Some students might be in the right place to start searching for a job, while others might not be ready.  

No matter what, a student needs to balance school, free time, and a job if they are ready. It is up to the student if they are ready to begin working. 

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