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How AI Could Affect our Future

Exploring the Possible Future of AI
Artificial Intellegence
Artificial Intellegence

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping aspects of our lives,  including jobs.

While  AI continues to develop and evolve, its possible impact on the future of work is subject to speculation. While AI looks to increase productivity, availability, and innovation it raises speculation about the security of jobs in the future .

AI  is developing at really fast speeds, the average simulation shows that seventy percent of companies will have taken on the ai trend and adopted at least one type of AI technology but less than half will have fully embraced the five categories. Furthermore, the ethical and societal implications of AI cannot be overlooked, some ethical AI concerns are privacy, data security, and basic laws that might be bypassed.

Some of the jobs that may possibly be at risk in the future include manual labor, data entry, and basic cognitive functions.  It is speculated that up to 800 million jobs could be lost by 2030 to AI. From manufacturing and retail to customer service and administrative roles, AI’s ability to perform tasks with speed and precision poses a challenge for the future of work for some individuals that would be in the same field as AI. “They  will take a lot of people jobs in the future because they can be smarter than actual people and are better than lazy people,” said Jacob Taylor.

Although some jobs may be affected with AI being new and unexplored it will open a lot more jobs through the electronic field with managing the ai and progressing it even further. AI will be endangering jobs but at the same time it will open up new jobs and a lot of opportunities with it the key is finding the right amount to implement so it would be the smoothest possible transition. ” some things will be affected positively and some things will be affected negatively,” Lillie Caranda.



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Zion Spencer
I am Zion Spencer, I am a senior at weir high school. I play baseball for the high school and I was a two year letterman in golf. I plan on attending WVU after high school and majoring in cyber security. I also am very good at working on cars.
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