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Exchange students Experience “American Dream”

Caio Rosa and Colin Krasper became foreign exchange students for the school year 2023-24 for Weir High School. Caio and Colin both explained that they were excited to get a new experience and have always wanted to experience what it was like to be American. Colin and Caio agree that School at Weir High is different than what they have been used to. They also think people here are very nice and welcoming. Below they talk about what their life was like back at their homes and how it has been since they came to America.

Colin explained that his life back in Germany was different than now. Colin lived in a small town called Hanover, Germany. Colin says, “I lived in a little town, it was not boring, but the days felt the same.”

School felt the same, but they gave different subjects on certain days. Colin missed his family and friends back in Germany. The hardest thing about being away from his home is missing his mom. He says, “Sometimes it gets pretty hard being away when I start to think about her.”


Colin says that when he goes back to Germany, he will remember how nice people here are and will also remember how much school spirit Weir High has. Colin is a part of the Weir High soccer team. He thinks it is very cool being a part of the team. “It’s very nice and I like the team spirit.” Colin stated that he feels that everyone on the team knows each other, and they are all capable of talking to each other when they need one another.

Colin says that sometimes it’s hard to communicate, but they try their hardest to improve themselves.
“My teammates positively change me I like to get to know more people and I’m very open to everything new”-Colin. Everyone has different experiences and Colin thinks his teammates help him open himself up to his own experiences.



Caio says that his life was not so much different in brazil than it is now. “I pretty much studied and practiced sports just as I do here.” He misses his family and friends; he also states that “It is hard
to keep contact with others in Brazil.” Caio says that his mother once was a foreign exchange student, and that led him to become one also. “My mother was an exchange student in the United States, and
she always talked about it and how it was a great experience for her, this pushed me to be one as well”- Caio.

He explains “When it is summer in USA, it is winter in Brazil.” He explained how climate is very different as well as food. Caio explains that when he goes back to Brazil, he will remember playing soccer because it is helped him make a lot of friends here. “It feels good being a part of the red rider’s soccer team”- Caio Rosa. Caio says that being in the U.S. has taught him a lot so far. “Being in and out of school has been making me more independent and has prepared me for adult life.”- Caio He also expressed that school goes very differently compared to Brazil. “I prefer the American way to learn, because they try to explore and use a lot of important skills that we don’t need to have in Brazilian school”- Caio. He feels that when the team doesn’t get a win, it pushes him to his hardest to continue to get a goal. “My teammates are not only my teammates, but they are my friends.”


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