Social Media vs Mental Health

Social media has the biggest influence on young people today. It was reported in a recent article from Social Magnets that real people are interacting with the digital world and transferring their actions to reality.It is the most common form of communication around the world. In a study, from Mayo Clinic found that of teens ranging from 13-17, 45% are online constantly and 97% use social media.

Social media can have a variety of effects on teens with multiple platforms to choose from. There is a possibility that it could cause stress, anxiety, and depression.

According to the school consular Mrs. Charlton, in an interview she stated “I think there are positive and negative affects to social media. I think it’s nice because it’s a way to connect with other people and family members, but I think it can have a negative effect because people only share the good aspects of things on social media, so if people are feeling down or going through some stressful times and see someone else’s life and it’s like perfect. It could trigger some mental health.”

A survey was sent out to many students, they were asked a series of questions about how social media has impacted their life. Out of 64 students 37% said they were on social media 4-6 hours a day. When asked if they think it has a positive or negative effect on teens, a majority said negative.

Junior Elliana Cowden stated, “Social media gives a false portrayal of peoples life. The stuff we see on it is everyone’s best, or their editorial best. We all us it to see other peoples lives when we should be focused on ourselves and our own mental health.”

Many also think it could have a positive impact on teens mental health.  Freshman Giana Paladina stated, “You can stay in touch with your friends, communicate, and be entertained.” Many use it as an outlet or as a means to express themselves.

Sometimes social media is an escape from the real world, and it’s a way for teens to get away from the stress of reality. Your feelings can change depending on what you’re viewing or scrolling through. You may find it difficult to see other people living the life you wish you had, but that is the way they present their lives.

Youth is surrounded by social media. It is all around us, making it impossible to break away from. Charlton also stated, “I think when you get older it’s not really a bad thing because it’s a way to connect with colleges, employers, and other things like that. If you’re mature enough and you’re able to realize that social media isn’t all black and white and there’s different aspects of it then I think it’s okay.”

Social media provides a unique and personalized experience for everyone. Being aware of how being on platforms affects you is important. It’s easy to see other peoples life and assume that you should also being living the same way. However, every image you see may not be real. Yes it may be fun to scroll through TikTok, but it’s okay to spend time off of social media.