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How do you feel about Homework?

Should homework even be assigned?
Joseph O. Holmes
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Homework for a lot of people feels like way too much. Some people believe students should have homework such as a professor named Harris Cooper from the University of Connecticut, he says that students should have at least 10 minutes of homework a day and it should go up by 10 minutes per grade level, so when you are in-12th Grade he believes that you should have 120 minutes of homework a day.

According to, a freshman at Weir High said, “Homework doesn’t help me, it causes more stress and interferes with my sleep.” She also said that “homework feels like way too much especially when I’m running all over the place and when I do have free time, I use it to de-stress.” Research shows that too much homework can cause headaches, exhaustion, weight loss and even stomach problems, but research also says that homework can lead to better study habits, and it can help students better learn the material taught in classrooms.

Some students have said that homework is way too much and it’s hard to battle it especially when they have sports and work. Such as senior Karlie Bailey, she even said, “Homework affects me negatively because I work a full-time job and I’m often doing homework on my breaks at work or staying up late at night after work to get it done”.

Science teacher Jason Bennett said, “I never want to burden students down with extra work that we have time to complete in school. There are more important things out there than extra Homework.”

English Teacher Sherri Lengthorn also said, “No, I don’t assign homework unless you don’t get it done in class, mainly because 1 it won’t get done and 2 everybody has jobs and sports.” With students being really busy once homework Is assigned on top of everything, the students’ grades can be brought down because the student won’t have enough time to get it done.

Math teacher Mrs. Heupp said, “The main reason behind why I assign HW is that I think students need time to practice the material independently. I have also found that if I attach HW points to it, I can get more students to buy into to practicing those problems.”

Some Pros about homework is that it can help you learn the material better and some studies even say it can help improve standardized testing. Some people though suggest that homework isn’t what causes the testing scores to go up. Even students who are high achieving want free time and time to hang out with friends and socialize. Another pro is that homework creates accountability and discipline, but some students have their parents, or a sibling do their homework.

My opinion on homework is that homework shouldn’t be assigned. There are so many students who have jobs and life outside of school. For me personally I do sports and work and I don’t have time to do homework. I end up staying up till 12/1am finishing homework. When there’s a lot of work, I also struggle with motivation of doing it. Students should get 8-10 hours a sleep a night and I get maybe 5 because I need to work and battle school. Most of the time homework is a lot and I hope for the teachers that do assign lots of homework, that they will get what we go through.






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Joey Bennett
Hi, my name is Joey Bennett and I’m a junior at Weir high School. This is my first year being in the Video journalism class and our Newspaper/yearbook class. I’m a 2 year letterman majorette as well as being a feature majorette right now. I’ve gone to Boston to learn more about Journalism in general and how to get better as well as going to the Boston globe. Outside of school I work at Wendy’s and I’m a Tumble/ cheer coach. My passion is to become a psychologist and help people get through their struggles. I love being in journalism because this is a way of expressing my feelings depending on what I write about and I hope to help people with what I write or make a video about too. I also am excited to cover stories that are going on in my community and school.  I love to play the piano, tumble, and go to my youth group at my church. A fun fact about me is I used to be a contortionist.
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